welcome to my corner of the internet
It's me, Cherry! Or James, if you prefer. I do a lot of stuff on the internet, but I've been very frustrated with social media as of late. When I heard about neocities, I thought it would be a really cool way to keep all my shit in one place!

I'm planning on keeping a lot of stuff on here. I've got a lot of art I've drawn over the years, as well as plenty of projects I'm working on. I hope to make this page a sort of landing pad for my stuff, so people can find it easier. I might even make some stuff specifically for this site too!

This page is a HUGE wip, so check back regularly for updates!

ps: Click on the webneko on the upper-right corner! he loves to play chase :3
notice to mobile users

I'm doing my best to make as many of these pages are as mobile-friendly as possible, but I'm a hobbyist web developer at best. Some pages that I'm hoping to make won't be particularly mobile-friendly, and for all pages, viewing on desktop is reccommended.

(Also I'm using a 1920x1080 screen resolution and I use google chrome, so I have no idea how this page looks at other resolutions/on other browsers. I think it should be fine, but if its not let me know!)
3/24: got the random header text to finally work! it'll now say things other than cherryjamesstuff sometimes. Also added a cool webseries to my links page!
3/22: finally got the jquery to work! made the header and navigation separate from the rest of the page. doesn't really affect how it looks rn but it'll be way easier for me to change things in the future
3/20: figured out how to change the styling of the navigation bar links! also changed the bullets on the mahou shoujo pages to hearts. hell yeah
3/19 (again): added the images to the magicgirl page after fighting with css. Also added the "to watch" page!
3/19: added a magical girl page! gonna have to add some images to it in the morning
3/17: added more buttons and updated my about page! Also added a links page for linking to stuff I like & credit where I got stuff for my site.
3/16: added a chatbox and some buttons!
3/15: added an about page! needs filling out though. also made a custom error page!
3/14: site launch :3