about me
Hello! My name is James, though I go by Cherry more often online. I'm a college dropout stuck working at Walmart who's trying to make their life better one day at a time.
why i joined neocities
Growing up, I didn't get to experience a lot of web1. My parents were very hesitant to let me on the internet when I was younger. The very first website I remember making an account for was Webkinz, and that's only because my cousin had bought me a plushie. I never had a myspace or a geocities; I think my first "social media" account was my tumblr, which I made in 2015.

I've heard a lot about the old web, and I've had a weird sense of misplaced nostalgia for it for a while. When I heard about neocities, it sounded like a chance to experience what I missed. I've really enjoyed being able to explore the various sites hosted here and make my own!
my interests
Or my special interests, I should say. I'll probably make shrines for each when I have the time!

I really like cats! I have one right now, a black cat named October. I'd like to have more in the future. Personally, I relate a lot to cats; I also only want to eat, sleep, play, and sleep some more. I've also loved dragons from a very young age. Right now (and for he last several years), most of my dragon interest has been channelled into my Flight Rising lair. I'm so close to finishing my existing dragons' lore, and then I can get more!

At the moment, I'm really getting into magical girls. I didn't watch any of them growing up; my parents were very strict about what media I was allowed to consume, and my sister's taste in anime was wildly different than mine and put me off it. I have a hard time getting into new media, so I haven't watched a lot of it. I've seen PMMM and started Magia Record (I couldn't finish it though - it's sooooo bad), but that's all I've been able to watch. I'm hoping to read more though, and it's all listed on this page!
my hobbies
My first relevant hobby would be programming! I started in scratch, though a lot of what i did was more animation-ish stuff than any coding. I've taken a few college-level programming courses, and I used to develop a few ukagakas, which are archived on this tumblr! I've got a few video game ideas that I'd like to develop sometime in the future too. I'm actually looking into the viability of making a browser-based game and hosting it on neocities!

Another hobby of mine is drawing. I do mostly digital art, though I will scribble in a sketchbook from time to time. My favorite part of drawing is charcter and environment design; I love coming up with new places and things!

I also like to cook, though I haven't tried a lot of recipies. My autism really limits the kinds of things I can eat, so I have to be careful when picking out things to make. Cooking is a fun challenge though, and I like having things to eat!

Something I think people wouldn't expect from me is how into fashion I am. I went to 2 different fashion deisgn schools (and dropped out of both). While I did learn that I hate the fashion industry, I also learned how to sew, and I make my own clothes from time to time. I also like thrifting, and I really enjoy being able to curate my wardrobe into a specific asthetic (mostly dark academia/cotagecore).